Growth Period vs IP

Growth Period vs IP

Everyone should have gone through their growth period. The born of baby is the start, they will bring joyous to the family. As parent, when the baby is going to born or just born, what is the first thing you will do? Most of the people will try to give them a name, am I right? But, for the new born baby, will you feel easy to differentiate them?

Actually, you may think that I had asked you a foolish question on how to differentiate new born babies? This is because the answer is very easy; through Identity card or through fingerprint, you may easily differentiate a person. Fingerprint is the most natural ways of identifying a person. Until today, the researchers are not able to find two persons with the same fingerprint. This is why people wearing glove when committing crime. Then, how about the identity card? Identity card, as the name implied, is to prove who the person is.

Have you ever thought that: why we should have the identity card? Why a new born child should have a name? Why everyone should have own identity? These questions only have one answer that is ‘differentiation’. A person is being issued identity card is because of ‘differentiation’; a new born child will be given name is to let others to easily ‘differentiate’ them; own identity is the roof of ‘differentiation’, if a person loss his/her identity, then how others can differentiate his/her?

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